'Without You' Is The Sublime New Single from Manc Lads NO VACANCIES

Published on 1 February 2021 at 20:27

No Vacancies frontman Will McGarrie has one of those rock voices. Incredibly strong yet soulful, his vocal is what shines on 'Without You' the latest release from the Manchester quartet.  


Unlike other indie rock bands from the North, No Vacancies don't hide their classic rock influences - Aerosmith is here and dare we sat it Bon Jovi too (who rock on occasion). Combining waves of those two bands with a contemporary edge and attitude, 'Without You' is a song that surprises and amazes at the same time.


No Vacancies consists of the aforementioned Will (vocals/guitar), Cedric (lead guitar), George (drums) and Ben (bass) and the band had a successful support slot with King Nun in early 2020.


Recorded at home, the sound here is impressive to say the least; the DIY attitude is admirable. 


Will: "This band was made for people like ourselves that hate the lack of guitar based music in the charts these days. We're here to change that."


And do you know what? We think they will.









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