VICE KILLER Amaze With Debut Release 'Commonplace'

Published on 2 February 2021 at 08:45

Vice Killer are a new band. So new, that they have only been together for six months. Formed in the summer of 2020, the County Durham quartet didn't hang around recording and releasing their debut single, 'Commonplace'.


Vice Killer are Thomas (Vocals/guitar) brothers James and Jack (lead guitar and bass respectively) and Lewis (Drums) - not unlike a lot of historically great bands, Thomas is the main songwriter and Lead guitarist Jack adds his flourish to the mix to produce a complete work. 


'Commonplace' is tuneful indie rock. Think along the lines of The Smiths and Arctic Monkeys at their most melodic and you're almost there - though the band have their own, unmistakable jangly sound.


Written last summer, the song is as current as can be, Thomas: "It was based upon getting lost in the guidance from the wrong people, listening or watching people who think they’re speaking sense when in reality they’re just moulding people into what they want. It speaks from experience of seeing people at your daily job drained from the stresses this year has brought, however musically the song aims to provide more hopefulness for what next year will bring."


With the band yet to play a gig (due to Covid) it will be interesting to see how they develop in 2021. An EP is being recorded which we can't wait for if 'Commonplace' is anything to go by.


Vice Killer are one of the North-East's hottest prospects. Their clear musical talent and a penchant for writing a strong lyric will serve them well in 2021. 














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