NARCISSUS Feat. Becki Fishwick 'Cuttin' Thru Red Tape'

Published on 8 February 2021 at 10:42

By Alyce Ruby




Manchester’s ‘42’s Records’ first signing Narcissus, are back with new single ‘cuttin’ thru red tape’ this Friday (February 12th) along with a ‘Duke ‘n’ Bass’ mix by The Duke. The track features vocals from up and coming Becki Fishwick alongside the band’s vocalist Ben Guy, who states:


“At a time when creative arts are being dismantled before our eyes by those that don’t understand nor care, ‘cuttin’ thru red tape’ serves as a blistering call to arms & very timely reminder to cling on to those creative passions & pursuits like never before as it is these that truly define who we are & what we do. They are likely to have been there with you for both the greatest & darkest times of your life and so lean into them now more than ever as they will not let you down”.


Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of the message, especially with what the past year has done to the music industry - I don’t feel the track is aggressive enough or that the meaning is clear to the listener. The tune is memorable but the lyrics don’t get stuck in my head like a message should, because the music overshadows it. But -  the music is good. The band have found their groove in a 90’s synth sound.


The indie-electronic track was co-produced by fellow Mancunian ‘A Certain Ratio’ member, Donald Johnson. The threesome has quite the connection to bands of the past, as they also supported Suede in 2019. 


The Duke remix sounds like a completely different track, which I surprisingly like considering my personal dislike for Drum and Bass. I think it adds a different twist to the single, especially with it being an indie track, it proves the band can pull off different genres and break the traditional mould. 


‘cuttin’ thru red tape’ and The Duke remix will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday, 12th February.  ***




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