SAGES OF THE SUBWAY Have Released Live Favourite 'Lights Go Down'

Published on 11 February 2021 at 11:38

Sages Of The Subway have released their first single of 2021 in live favourite 'Lights Go Down'. The song is highly regarded by the band's fanbase and is a hit at live shows and it is not difficult to hear why. 


'Lights Go Down' opens with tender strumming guitar before a tuneful vocal introduces us to the song proper - while a catchy guitar lick forms around the phrasing of guitarist and singer Dean Benzaken: 


"We had the guitar riff for six to seven years. Fast forward a few years and the penny dropped as to how the song should feel. During a full band practice it came together nicely. As soon as we heard the drums on it we knew it would be a great song to play live." 


Forming in 2017, Sages Of The Subway are Dean (vocals & guitar), James (guitar), Tom (drums) and Nathan (bass). Influenced be The Killers, Embrace and U2,  all three influences rearing their heads on the new single. Their last release, 'All That I Know' was well received and amassed over fifty thousand streams within three months, a remarkable feat.


The band explain the message of the new song, 'Lights Go Down' and what it means to them:

"The song has really taken on a life of its own from the live shows. Despite only releasing the song now, everyone who has seen us live before recognizes the song and sings it back to us. Because of that the song is a thank you to everyone who has supported us so far; it is their song as much as it is ours"


We here at Our Sound Music can't wait to hear 'Lights Go Down' in a live setting. The adjectives 'epic' and 'anthem' get thrown around a lot but they really do apply to this song - it is the sound of an assured band with an obviously bright future. What does 2021 have in store for Sages Of The Subway?:

"We have been working non-stop to get releases ready for 2021. Throughout the lockdown periods we have been putting out quarantine sessions on our socials and if gigs come back this year we will see you there! We have a year and a half of time to make up for so as soon as we get the green light we will be playing live as much as possible."















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