INDIGOS: Distorted & Driven Indie Rock

Published on 12 February 2021 at 15:07

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Cheltenham-based indie rock trio, Indigos, wear their influences on their sleeves; their sound is derivative of many of the successful bands of the naughties and nineties. Kasabian and Oasis are just a couple of the bands echoed in their distorted, driven indie rock sound. This is not to say, however, that they don’t sound fresh - the band are clearly reimagining the music they love, and in doing so are offering a new spin on the genre. In developing their overall sound they have created a sense of uniqueness around them.


The three-piece, made up of front man and guitarist, Darren Belcher, bassist, Tony Capaldi, and drummer, Casey Griffin, have been playing together since 2018 and started off mostly doing covers, lockdown put a stop to that, however, which led to the band being formed out of a desire to kill the boredom created by not playing gigs. 


It was out of the lockdown boredom that a completely self-written and self-produced debut album was born. ‘Always. Whenever’ was released at the end of January 2021 and introduced a greater audience to the band’s sound. If you want to know what Our Sound Music makes of the album, you can expect a full review of the record next week.


Prior to dropping the full album, the band released the title track as a single, providing fans with a taste of what was to come. The single brought a punk rock-infused energy, featuring an infectious guitar riff, driven percussion and vocals that fall somewhere between Nirvana’s Cobain and Kasabian’s Meighan. 


The band’s overall sound is full bodied, with each element injecting its own energy - this is impressive, given that there’s only 3 instruments involved. The band also showcase a well-established chemistry which keeps the sound tight. 


Their sound is one that would be best appreciated live and, according to the band, performing their debut live is what they’re most looking forward to and, I imagine, their fans are too. 







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