HOLLIE SHEARER releases her new single 'Unlucky In Love'

Published on 12 February 2021 at 20:53

Today marks the release of the new single from country music crossover starlet and talented songwriter Hollie Shearer.

'Unlucky In Love' is a mature pop song that not only has depth but a fabulous sound - reflections of both  Motown and classic 1950's music shines throughout.


HOLLIE: "Unlucky In Love is based on bad experiences from past relationships and feeling like you will never find “the one”. The idea came around from countless conversations with friends, family and even strangers who all said they just couldn't seem to get it right with love!"


Produced by Duncan Broomfield (Anne-Marie, Ella Henderson), 'Unlucky In Love' is emotionally deep with honest, personal lyrics: 


"It has always been important to me that people can relate to my lyrics, so when writing this song I wanted to be as honest as I could by using my own experiences and of those closest to me."


Influenced by classic songwriters such as Dolly Parton and Lewis Capaldi, Hollie Shearer is working on an album that she plans to release later this year.  'Unlucky In Love' is a beautiful track with an upbeat rhythm while the song takes the listener on on a rollercoaster of emotions - including hope and sadness.


'Unlucky In Love' is out now and can be streamed here.






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