JAMIE HOLMES Set To Release 'From The Boots' This March

Published on 17 February 2021 at 19:48

Stoke-On-Trent isn't the likeliest of places that you would find a Jeff Buckley inspired wonder kid yet here we are. Jamie Holmes has been gigging since he was eleven years old and is set to release his second single. 'From The Boots' on the 5th of March.


His first single this year, 'Green Revolution', was a powerful song with a powerful message. 'From The Boots' is equally as powerful. Written about a protest in the summer of last year, this is a fiery song with a political message.


'From The Boots' feels very much like a contemporary blues track; a familiar sound that still falls into the category of indie pop. The production here is superb; it is clear that Holmes is an aficionado of a wide array of music, notably Bob Dylan. 


Now based in London, Jamie Holmes has an album up his sleeve, the self produced 'This Is Now'. His music has a message and is a reflection of the times we are living through. A sound track to society:


"I've always made music with a message, it has been my life goal since I was a kid to make a difference with my words"


With new single 'From The Boots', Jamie Holmes it taking steps in exactly that direction.









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