'NOXVILLE' The New Single From The Talented Jay Tennant drops This Friday

Published on 23 February 2021 at 08:31

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Singer/songwriter, Jay Tennant, is set to drop a new single this Friday.


His new track, titled ‘Noxville’, is his first release of 2021 and follows on from the two singles he released in 2020; namely, ‘Star Chasing’ and ‘Star City Serenade’. 


The track brings a harder, more excitable feel to it than the latter of his 2020 releases and features a punchy rhythm section, clean Britpop inspired guitar lines and a vocal echoes of Richard Ashcroft.


‘Noxville’ sounds generally further developed from the sound Tennant has previously brought to the table. His debut record, ‘From the far field’, was dropped in 2018 and seemed to bring with it a more simplistic approach to instrumentation. This track, however, sounds more inspired by an indie rock sound, and showcases a more layered and grander musical approach, rather than the more simplistic and almost folk rock feel to his debut.


Musical progression is something the Warwickshire based singer is used to; he’s an experienced musician, having fronted a number of bands over a period of 10 years until he went solo. Since then he’s dropped two albums and a host of singles, all of which bring their own vibe. 


The new addition to his discography shows him to be searching for a more definitive and distinctive sound, a sound that brings its own sense of uniqueness, and to my ears the singer is well on his way to achieving just that. 


Tennant’s new track, ‘Noxville’ will drop on 26/02/21 and is available to pre-save here.




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