WES KING To Release His Debut Single 'Living Strange' This Friday

Published on 22 February 2021 at 19:35

Wes King, the former lead singer in Tres Kings is set to release his debut single 'Living Strange' this Friday, the 26th of February. 


The song is a tender, stripped back affair not dissimilar to Liam Gallagher at his most vulnerable. The piano and the light acoustic guitar on 'Living Strange' allow the key element here - Kings incredible vocals - to shine. 


What perhaps is even more impressive, is that the song was recorded in KIng's home studio - the production is top drawer. 


Wes King: "To me, the song  is about pushing yourself through hard times. I hope each listener  will interpret the lyrics differently, on a personal level. Myself and  everyone else involved could not be happier with the final sound of  the track. We hope you like it."


After having an exclusive first listen to 'Living Strange', we are quite honestly blown away by the quality on show. From the opening vocal, it is clear that this is not only a tremendous song but equally an important one. 







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