THE REYTONS: The Most Exciting Band In Britain

Published on 22 February 2021 at 09:46

Order "Kids Off The Estate" on vinyl (and other formats here)


Before launching Our Sound Music in early summer 2000, I set about discovering some of the new indie bands from around the UK. Sat in the garden with my fourth beer of the afternoon in my hand and the sun blaring down on me, I pressed play on a song by The Reytons. I can't remember which one it was but I do remember I was blown away. The next song. The same feeling. I had found a new favourite band.


With wry, honest lyrics The Reytons are not unlike early Arctic Monkeys. Their lyrics range from nights out, to debt, to relationships gone wrong; relatable stories painted on a canvas made of punk rock in some cases, indie rock in others. 


Described accurately as a 'word of mouth sensation', it seems that every day I notice someone new discover the band. 


This past weekend the Rotherham lads released their latest EP, 'May Seriously Harm You And Others Around You', six tracks full of quirky lyricism and social observations. Previous singles 'Red Smoke' ('here we, here we, here we fuckin go'), the more tender 'Shoebox' (complete with a poignant video) and 'Jealous Type' make up half of the EP while the other three tracks bring an equal amount of quality to the release. 'Broke Boys Cartel' is a song that is relatable; putting your last coin on an acca - double meaning of Weekend Offenders, it is all there. 


The band recently announced a UK tour starting at the end of September and throughout October, with the Sheffield date already selling out to the tune of over 2,000 tickets. Those in the know, know. The Reytons are the real deal.



Order "Kids Off The Estate" on vinyl (and other formats here)


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