Nottingham Based Indie-Britpop Band, THE CHASE, Have Dropped Their Second New Single Of The Year.

Published on 24 February 2021 at 13:13

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Nottingham based Indie-Britpop band, The Chase, have dropped their second new single of the year.


The new track, Black Cloud, features high energy, punky vocals and a feel-good rhythm and was mixed by Alan Smyth, who has worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Pulp, and was mastered at Abbey Road studios. 


The single follows the band’s cover of The Smiths’ ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’, which was released earlier this year. 


Though their new track features a completely different sound to the one on ‘There Is a Light..’, the keyboard that gave the cover a new edge remains prevalent on ‘Black Cloud’ and adds a sense of uniqueness to the overall sound. A keyboard is not an instrument anyone expects to hear on an excitable post-punk track and it was the use of such instrumentation that particularly pricked my ears. 


In terms of genre, The Chase are a hard band to pin down. They blend Britpop with post-punk amongst other things to create their sound. Talking about the band’s influences, frontman Tyler Heaney said: “Although Britpop has had a huge inspiration on our sound we take a huge influence from 1960’s northern soul, rock and roll and psychedelia, all the way to punk, post-punk and indie.”


Interestingly, the four piece features a familial core. Frontman Tyler and drummer Dion are brothers, while bassist Luke Childs is their cousin. Keyboardist, James Cahill, knew the brothers at school and was brought in to beef up the band’s sound. 


Over the years the band have been steadily building up their profile and have gone from local pub gigs to sets at renowned venues such as Nottingham’s Rock City and Birmingham's National Indoor Arena as well as appearing at a number of UK festivals. 


Lockdown hasn’t deterred them either and according to Tyler the band have: …managed to record plenty of music and create great content in between lockdowns.” And added: All will be revealed soon enough.”








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