YOUNG DECADES Release Their First Single Of 2021 - 'Let You Down' Is A Soaring Guitar Anthem

Published on 24 February 2021 at 19:34

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Young Decades have made yet another addition to their rapidly expanding discography with a brand new single, their first of 2021. 


The track, ‘Let You Down features a gentle vocal performance against the backdrop of soaring and indie rock infused guitar. It also showcases captivating melodic patterns, experimental instrumentation and anthem-like choruses.


The Northwest band have been working towards their goal of self efficacy and recorded their latest track in their home, where they have an integrated studio. Their unique set up allows them to have complete control over the creative process as well as providing the ideal space for experimentation.  


The band was born from the ashes of several other musical projects and, though they sound like a well practiced outfit, the band have only been making music together since April 2020. When lockdown took hold the band were keen to push on to make as much material as they could, and they now have a healthy number of releases under their belts, releasing a new track every 9 weeks to date. 


There is no one genre that defines their sound and the band have worked with a number of experienced music industry names to develop their own take on their indie rock influencers. Not least, they have worked with Human League bassist, Ian Burden as well as Chemical Brothers mastering engineer, Mike Marsh.


The band’s work ethic remains unchanged from when they first began and they have yet more planned releases. Fans can expect their next release as soon as next month (March 2021) when they are set to drop an EP that will feature their first 4 singles, as well as their latest track.


The band’s latest release is out now and well worth a listen. You can stream it here.








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