VIDEO PREMIERE: Mega Happy To Reveal The Music Video For Their New Single 'Honey Pie' Right Here This Friday At 6PM GMT

Published on 25 February 2021 at 11:34

Mega Happy release their new single ‘Honey Pie’ on Friday the 5th of March via Mönch Records on a limited Cassette format and on all major streaming platforms. To coincide with the release of the new single the band are exclusively premiering the music video to ‘Honey Pie’ right here at Our Sound Music at 6pm GMT (see below).


In spring 2020 Mega Happy began work on their upcoming EP, and from those sessions ‘Honey Pie’ bore fruit. With a songwriting depth beyond the band's maturity, ‘Honey Pie’ is a bittersweet slice of melancholia-dripped guitar pop. 


Patrick Foster of the band: “I wrote Honey Pie quite a while ago and it really contrasted with our other previous music sonically  so we really wanted to really push that to an extreme and take advantage of the studio to layer the  track and make it as big as possible. We are really proud of it as it still sounds very us but has a lot of  different parts that we love”


Mega Happy are also doing a livestream launch party  live from Eiger Studios on Friday the 5th of March from 7pm - click here for more information and tickets. 


Join us at 6pm on Fri 26/02 for the world premiere of the ‘Honey Pie’ music video. 


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