Single Reviews 28/02/21

Published on 28 February 2021 at 13:16

‘The Muskerz Are Coming’ is the great new single by Gaz Price, a north-east singer songwriter. ‘Muskerz’ means the police in case you were wondering. Anyhow, the song and the splendidly put together music video are both very impressive. A full acoustic sound and an earworm chorus make this our Single Of The Week…

Michy Tree gives us ‘Floating House’ a self produced effort that has glimmers of brilliance but is ultimately repetitive and lacking any kind of hook..Dream pop band Temples Of Youth have released a second track from their upcoming ‘Nightswim’ EP. ‘Mercury’ is certainly dream pop. A soothing vocal is the driving force behind this one that is so chilled I feel like I’ve just had a lie down. Good stuff...Premiered by Marc Riley earlier this month, ‘Siren’ is the much hyped new single from Freya Beer, taken from her debut album which is due for release later this year. With Roxy Music inspired guitars ‘Siren’ is pretty captivating...Jay Tennant is one of the country's most talented singer songwriters which is proven on new release ‘Noxville’, a thundering fast paced tune with a proper indie chorus...The Anderson Tapes have a refreshing sound on ‘Sirens’, a Hole-esque riff with self described ‘fuzzy scuzzy’ guitars. This is raw and fabulous...Former Tres Kings frontman Wes King has released his debut solo single ‘Living Strange’. This is very similar to Liam Gallgher’s solo material, in that it is nothing short of brilliant. Tender piano makes way to a strong vocal that is allowed to breathe. In fact, King’s voice is nothing short of incredible….The Shed Project are favourites of Our Sound Music after blowing us away with both ‘Bedtime’ and initially ‘Lucky Number’. Their new single, ‘Feel My Love’ has a much fuller sound than their previous releases and The Stone Roses inspired band have produced yet another stunning track. With loose, jangly guitars and a strong melody, ‘Feel My Love’ is a modern trip back to the early 90’s...Indoor Foxes took our Single Of The Week with her last release, ‘Peach Stone’ and she is back with ‘Mr. Yellow Eyes’. It is easy to see why Indoor Foxes is hotly tipped and has been championed by the BBC. Dreamy and with a lo-fi guitar sound, this one is a most pleasant listen..Amber T has teamed up with Galaxy Thief for new single ‘Shaken’ and the result is amazing. A pure pop song. Amber’s vocal is perfect for this. A well put together track…’New Pyramids’ is the dark, synth rock tune from Medium Love. There is a funky bass line through the verses and an anthemic chorus. A huge sound, ‘New Pyramids’ is one to seek out...Wigan lads Flechettes deliver on ‘Man Of The Hour’, an angsty track with blistering guitars. There is a certain authenticity on this fast paced indie rock tune, which closes with an intense guitar solo...Sinka are an alt rock band who release their EP in April. New single ‘Messiah’ has killer riffs and emotional rock lyrics. The riff into the chorus is something to behold. Great work...Hawke are a talented duo from Dublin now based in London and are experts at indie pop. ‘Pinch Me (Am I Dreaming?)’ is their new release and adds to their impressive growing discography. Aiming to release one new song a month throughout 2021, Hawke are the gift that keeps on giving...Liverpool alt-indie quartet Bandit have released a monster in ‘Peppermints Don’t Hide Everything’, a tune that is full of energy that changes tempo to great effect. Bandit are a band to check out…’Big Lonely Cloud’ is The Blues tinged new single from Jenny Jam, an LA based pop soul artist. This is actually really good as far as pop records go; catchy with a thunderous beat..The Offspring are back with new music after a ten year hiatus. Reaching the height of their popularity in the mid 90’s with a bunch of great singles including ‘Self Esteem’, the rockers new single is called ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’. Immediately you can tell that this is The Offspring and if you fancy a trip down memory lane you won’t go far wrong here. ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ serves as a reminder that The Offspring are in the upper echelon of US rock...Young Decades are a busy band having released over twenty singles in just over four years. ‘Let You Down’ is their latest release. It has shades of an 80’s riff before settling down to a dramatic piano sound. There is clear talent here; a real depth...If it is loud guitars you are after with a hint of glam rock then ‘Black Cloud’ from The Chase is for you. A fast tempo track with a constant beat, ‘Black Cloud’ is one of the week's stronger releases...Noyou bring the nostalgia with ‘Underneath The Pain’, a contemporary synth rock tune that grabs you immediately with its indie pop intro. The Sunderland band launch into a sing along uproar of an anthem ‘I believe you when you scream my name’ of our favourite bands, Death Threat Cassette have put out the third single from their upcoming album. ‘Red Letter Lighthouse’ is more straightforward rock than previous singles ‘The Purge’ and ‘Tank Gun Soldier’. There is an almost Oasis feel to this in terms of the structure and phrasing. It’s catchy, it has an attitude and is a great primer for the album Use Your Delusion which is released next week. 


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