Published on 1 March 2021 at 09:45

Featuring sublime previous single release ' Days', Dublin songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes releases her new three track EP 'We, Myself, I' this Friday.


'Days' is the sound of a spring morning.  A tender, acoustic piece that captures Laura's terrific vocal melody to perfection.


Laura: “Days was a step at confronting the nothingness
routine that hit when I was out of work for 4 months. It's repetitious, a choral of my own voice, my own thoughts, day in and day out. It's the losing sense of time. It's that limbo between Christmas and before New Year's but in the middle of May. It's all work and no play freneticism.” 


The second track on the EP, 'Two', opens with just the vocal before a light piano appears, pushing along the melody. Intense and seemingly very personal, it is the sound of a lonely lockdown:


"We, Myself, I was a little challenge I set myself. To try and navigate the thought paths that solitude was
thrusting me down and make something of them. I wanted to try and replicate the advice I was being given in trying to get through a multitude of feelings and anxieties, I was told to keep it simple. To keep life simple. To not get hung up on details and bells and whistles and just focus on breathing through
another day."


The final song here, the title track, 'We, Myself, I' is perhaps the strongest. 'Cheap wine chased by time' - there is a poignancy in the lyrics, a mantra to longing and heartache.


"The tracks are trying to navigate feelings of grief, of unjust theft of time and potential, of curiosity as to how other people were seemingly rowing through the shIt that was 2020 with much more ease than I was. They're rough around the edges, much like my mind, but they're soft like I have tried to keep my
heart. They're cut from the same cloth, just like every day seemed to be, but each is coloured differently like I have tried to be mindful of and noticing"


'We, Myself, I' is released on Friday the 5th of March and can be pre-saved here.


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