THE SUGAR PETALS Are A Band Set To Take Off

Published on 10 March 2021 at 11:26

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Alternative rock three-piece, The Sugar Petals, have told Our Sound Music of their plans to burst out of lockdown with some brand new material. 


The band, featuring Edward Pester, Benjamin Wayne and K.Young, introduced audiences to their sound in December last year when they dropped their debut EP, Better’. 


Now, with end of lockdown in sight, band member, Benjamin Wayne, has told Our Sound Music that the group can’t wait to release new material and finally get to stretch their legs on the gigging scene. He said: We are currently looking forwards to our first string of shows whilst refining our material for a follow up release.” And added: “We are currently sitting on almost an albums worth of new material and ideas.” 


Their debut paid significant tribute to the alternative rock bands of the 1990s; the general sound featured a soft melodic core, with a variety of guitar effects that, at times, pushed the record into the realms of psychedelia.


The EP’s vocal enhanced the sound too. The band’s lead singer, Edward Pester, complimented the soft melodies with an almost dreamy performance, sounding like a more beefed up version of Matty Healy.


Speaking about the production of the band’s debut, Benjamin told Our Sound Music that the group took a multi instrumental approach to recording, saying: We wanted to keep stuff as real as possible using as much outboard equipment available and sticking to live takes with overdubs.” 


Going forward, the threesome hope to develop their sound further with their next release and hope to record it live or, as Benjamin puts it: old school style


We at Our Sound Music can be sure that, if the next release sounds anything like their debut, it’ll be worth a listen. 


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You can stream The Sugar Petals debut EP, ‘Better’ below:

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