The Vibrant & Fun FLO GALLOP Releases New Single 'Can't Be Friends'

Published on 15 March 2021 at 11:14

London's Flo Gallop has released her vibrant new single 'Can't Be Friends' - and her infectious new release has been on rotation all weekend here at Our Sound Music.


'Can't Be Friends' narrates falling for the wrong person and happily overlooking the consequences - delivered in Gallop's distinct vocal:


"This song came from another deluded boy crush and was based around the nerves of seeing someone when you know you shouldn’t and that they’re not good for you, but also knowing you really want to, attempting to make someone jealous and just generally being up to no good." 


The song is immediate - Gallop's clear vocal straight away sets things off with a certain endearing charm. The lyrics reflecting life of a twenty-something in modern Britain. A pop infused acoustic guitar and complimentary beat help shape a song that sounds fresh and altogether vibrant.


Along with her previous release '21', Gallop is modern pop at its most credible. She captures a snapshot of urban dating on 'Can't Be Friends' - the startling new single from London's newest Pop Princess.


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