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Death Threat Cassette is the solo project of Lee Pecqeuer, who writes, performs and records everything at home under the self-titled sub-genre 'Hermit Rock.' The genre entails cutting yourself away from society and starting up a band by yourself before releasing searing songs that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand tall. 


Pecqeuer has his musical roots in the sprawling streets of Seattle, with the release of 'Use Your Delusion' nodding towards the Western USA city's Grunge rock scene that boasted the riches of Nirvana, Mudhoney and Alice In Chains. It is, therefore, unsurprising that the latest album derives from full-bodied riffs, engulfed by whole-hearted lyrics that make up the fast-paced maquillage of the creation. 


Songs like 'Red Letter Lighthouse' and 'The Seance' opt to snatch DTC's violently compulsive riffs and take reign of the tracks. While records such as 'John Mellencamp & the Infinite Sadness' and 'Tank Gun Soldier' lean on full-tilted lyrics to engineer an enthralling listen. 


However, that is not to say every song from this 14-track portfolio doesn't feature the best of both worlds. The Seattle-inspired singer/songwriter possesses the knack to produce music at a consistently high standard, something which is recognisable through his repertoire of riveting releases.


'Paper Heart' showcases all that is infectious about this album. It is so uncharacteristically Grunge, but it still blusters that deep, Nirvana Esque guitar strum that became a trademark in North America's emerald city. The mellowed approach leaves listeners wondering what DTC can't achieve. The solo project seems dexterously nimble-fingered. So much so that the tempo of every song changes within an instance without making it sound obstreperous. 


Being dealt with the task of picking a stand-out song in 'Use Your Delusion' is like trying to pick your favourite kid; it's impossible. The opening track, 'The Purge', is yet another that follows in the path of above-average songs. It introduces itself with a progressive riff that quickly transitions into a sinister announcement, commencing the annual purge. As far as introductory songs go, there's not much else one can do to set the ball rolling better than what DTC has expounded. 


'Use Your Delusion' plays the role of an epitaph of Seattle's greatest musical period. Fans of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Alice In Chains, and so on must give Death Threat Cassette a listen. The album provides an insight into Pecqeuer's rise to Grunge recognition. A real statement of intent. *** 3/4


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