CHLOE HEPBURN Releases New Indie Pop EP 'Never Asked For This'

Published on 3 April 2021 at 21:14

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Independent alternative pop artist, Chloe Hepburn, has told her audiences and fans that they can expect further new material in the coming year. 


Since debuting, the singer has strived to discover her sound, which is best described as modern/alternative pop, and worked to build herself a platform from which to grow and develop her sound. 


Her most recent release was her 2021 EP, titled ‘Never Asked For This’, which she dropped in early February. Chloe is eager to continue building her profile and, since the release of  ‘Never Asked For This’, has been working hard on new material and has been remotely collaborating with other artists and producers. 


The singer first came onto the scene in 2019 with debut single, ‘Can’t Talk’ which introduced her audience to her ambient, mellow and synth driven sound. 


In 2020 she released a remix of her aforementioned debut single, which featured Sam Gooch and gave the track a more electronic and EDM inspired sound. According to Chloe, she takes inspiration from some of the biggest names in pop: including artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Robyn and Ava Max. 


Though her sound is largely inspired by pop instrumentation, it’s her vocals that play the most vital role in her music, and, in accordance with this, Chloe often opts for a minimal set up with just guitar and vocals. 


Talking abut her inspiration, Chloe said: "My songwriting focuses primarily on real life experiences, such as fractured relationships and overcoming battles with self confidence. I think this is something loads of us can resonate with.” And added “Music has helped me through everything, both as a consumer and a creator.


Her eagerness to build on and explore her sound is indicative of the Chloe’s artistic promise and we at Our Sound Music can’t wait to see where her sound goes next. 





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