Single Reviews 04/04/21

Published on 4 April 2021 at 02:07

KAVANAGH are alternative rock juggernauts. Their new single ‘Citizen 202’ is the epitome of DIY rock n roll. Crashing in at under two minutes, it is a true tour de force; The sound here is raw and heavy, a Beastie Boys tinged monster of a tune. Produced by Mike Bennett (The Fall, The Specials), ‘Citizen 202’ is an exciting whirlwind of a song and also our Single Of The Week.

Hardwicke Circus have released their second single, ‘My Sweet Love’, following up their impressive debut single ‘Walking On Broken Glass’. The presence from frontman Jonny Foster is on clear display on this new single, which has real musical depth…’Joker’ by Reclaim Vienna is the band’s first release of the year, following up a string of great releases throughout 2020. Their usual contemporary synth sound remains intact, a sweeping 80’s inspired sound that is uplifting and made for the indie disco dance floor. Reclaim Vienna are unrivalled in what they do, with ‘Joker’ being another notch in their belts. Highly recommended...Liverpool’s Columbia give us ‘Where Did It All Go?’, a true masterpiece of a tune. The vocal of Alex Sheppard is something to behold. A very special song from a band who are clearly on the rise…’Drown’ by Birmingham band Beorma is the final release from the duo’s ‘Virtual Emotionality’ EP. This single is an easy listen, not unlike The 1975 when they are at their most mellow. A really chilled track, ‘Drown’ is a pleasant listen...Jess Kemp, the very talented Mancunian singing songwriter has released ‘Eggshells’, a fantastically produced song that really showcases the emotional range of her vocals. With a tightly strummed electric guitar underneath a more free sounding acoustic, the sound here is really full and balanced. A rare talent, Jess is also playing at our Indie All Dayer in Hull on 26/9...St Peter’s Dream are a four-piece indie rock band from Reading, who have released ‘Maybe Yesterday’, a perfectly fine and sprightly tune that reminisces the now sadly memories of weekend nights out..’End Of The Line’ is by Shaun O’Reilly, a London based singer songwriter with Irish roots. Produced by Nick Pini (Tom Jones, Laura Marling), ‘End Of The Line’ is a melancholy acoustic based song that is simply captivating. O’Reilly’s vocal is the real gem here, a rare vocal that is full of warmth and authenticity...Taxi Rank are a band from Swansea, who bring their brand of melodic alt rock to new release ‘Golden Days’. It’s a punchy tune, with some nice and loud guitar while maintaining an element of accessibility. Promising stuff...Next up we have ‘Be My Saturday’, the ferocious new single by Newcastle band Sirocco. Complete with a catchy riff and some great rhymes - decking/socialising/none the wiser - ‘Be My Saturday’ is alright enough...Gun, who hit the big time in the mid 90s with their amazing cover of Cameo’s ‘Word Up’ and before that found success with ‘Better Days’, have released ‘Whiskey And A Prayer’, a song released to coincide with the announcement of a UK tour.  The Glasgow veterans deliver pure rock; a sound you could argue is dated yet there is something comforting about the no nonsense straight forward sound here...Penny Eyes are one of our favourite bands, who also inspired the launch of Our Sound Music. The band have released a string of great songs over the past two years, and the idea that a band this talented weren’t more widely listened to was troubling, hence the idea that launching this website would help to get talented bands like Penny Eyes the recognition they deserve. Their new single, ‘Made Of Stars’ is indie rock perfection. The sound here is smooth and energetic, a brilliantly put together tune that while doesn’t top the likes of ‘Real This Time’, is a must listen...Rosellas have teamed up with Saul Davies of James to release ‘When This Has All Blown Over’, the follow up to Rosellas splendid previous release, ‘Damaged’. A long intro (forty-five seconds long, I mean, COME ON) thankfully gives way to the sound of a certain songwriting maturity often found lacking in their contemporaries. There is a real sadness here, the sound of a song that stirs up emotions the way only the best songs can. This one will be on our playlist for many months to come...and finally we have ‘Best Days’, the new release by Hook. Their last release, ‘I Like You’ was a popular listen around these parts as will this new release be too. With shades of Americana, ‘Best Days’ has a great feel to it.


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