FIXERS Release New Single 'Altruistic Love'

Published on 26 April 2021 at 18:14

Words: Adam Jackson-Wright




Oxford based quintet, Fixers, have been on a path of musical progression for over a decade; their experimental and psychedelic take on contemporary pop has often been the recipient of praise throughout the group’s existence.  


After forming in 2009, the band were first noticed by BBC Introducing in their hometown of Oxford, and they soon began receiving regular praise and airtime from the programme until, only two years after forming, they were chosen to headline the BBC Introducing Stage and 2011’s Reading and Leeds festival.  


The group’s formative years went a long way in proving them to be keen to make the most of opportunities to experiment and, according to the band’s singer and keyboardist, Jack Goldstein, it’s impulsiveness that is the key to giving the band their fresh and experimental sound. 


Their debut album, ‘We’ll Be The Moon’ came in 2012 and was greeted by widespread critical acclaim from the likes of NME and the Guardian newspaper, both of whom said the band gave the psychedelic genre a new lease of life. Since their debut’s release, however, the band have been on somewhat of a hiatus and haven’t released anything since 2013’s single, Crystal’. 


That is, of course, until now. 



The group have finally broken their silence and have retuned with their new single, ‘Altruistic Love’. The single shows how the band have, unsurprisingly, developed their sound since their last release and features the fresh psych sound that the band have come to be associated with.  


There’s more good news for fans too, the band have also announced the release of the long awaited second album. The record, titled 'The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea’, 

is due to be dropped in May and will serve as a direct follow up to their debut. According to Jack the album is “the crazy f****d-up sugary psychedelic return journey that starts just as WBTM ends.

We absolutely cannot wait.





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