THE INNOCENT Have Released Their New Single 'All The Way Down' With An Amazing Music Video

Published on 27 April 2021 at 10:47

By Alyce Ruby




Indie-folk band, The Innocent have released the first single ‘All the Way Down’ from their upcoming album ‘The Rapture’, due for release in May. The six-piece group from Shropshire create a unique sound, blending folk and alt-rock with classical orchestrations – the infusion making for a pretty stand out sound in the genre. 


The Innocent take inspiration from bands such as Counting Crows and The Lumineers and have even supported some of their personal heroes Gregory Alan Isakov and Polly Paulusma on tour. 


The album has been written and recorded remotely during lockdown, across two continents along with the help of the NEW Sinfonia orchestra from North Wales. The influence of the pandemic and isolation has been a continuing theme amongst musicians as of late, and The Innocent are no exception. The new single is about not giving up in the face of adversity – fusing darkness and hope in its theme. 



All the Way Down’ certainly makes you feel the way they intended. The slow drum beat and soaring strings make for an emotional listen, but the modulation change on the first chorus does give a sense of uplifting. 


The music video – set in an abandoned mill, of course, was filmed socially distanced during lockdown. This would be a setback for most, but it actually plays right into the message of the track. With the members separated, the emptiness of the set and lighting – it all only enhanced the feeling of loneliness mixed with hope. 


‘All the Way Down’ is available now on streaming platforms, it has already been picked up by BBC Hereford and Worcester as song of the week, and I expect there’s much more to come with the release of the album. ***1/2






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