Florida's MORNING TRIPS Release Their New Single 'Assault'

Published on 8 May 2021 at 18:36

By Alyce Ruby




Indie/pop/rock four-piece from Fort Walton Beach, Florida – Morning Trips, shared a new single with us last month. ‘Assault’, in the words of the band, is: “an ode to anyone disparaged by corrupt systems, harassed by dated ways of thinking, and embarrassed by your local Gaetz-keepers. We will swing back.”


The collective seems to always have meaning in their lyrics, each track has its own story. It’s not just typical love songs. In fact, their aim is to create music that anybody can enjoy and relate to. Songwriter and the band’s founder, Brady Lynch said,We want to create a world with the same mentality of how we want to exist in the real world. We want to create open, progressive, and diverse music for people from all walks of life to find something of solace in.”


Forming in 2017, Morning Trips infuse various influences and genres into a melting pot of: dream pop, R&B, 80s and on this newest single: punk. Right off the bat ‘Assault’ hits us with a very typical indie guitar riff - an upbeat, foot tapping beat reminding me of hits from the 2015/16 era of summery, indie music. That is, until the chorus hits you with a wall of shouty vocals of, “I am not the inmate, I will not intimidate, I am not the inmate – assault”, pulsating drum beats and punky riffs. The verses don’t let you take it easy for long before that chorus wakes you up, and that isn’t a complaint. The bridge treats us to a complete twist in genre with an electronic, synth heavy soundscape before pulling us back into the chorus for the outro. 


I was initially inspired by an almost naive approach to writing music on a laptop, if I’m honest, I started producing demos intended for a ‘traditional’ band sound in hopes to find members to round out a line-up."


Soon after, Lynch was joined by Logan Clinkingbeard, James Amos and Noah Townsend. Turns out, those early laptop demos eventually paved the way to become the first Morning Trips tunes.”


I predict a bright future for the band, with tours and impressive reviews already under their belt – it seems it’s just the beginning. ****

‘Assault’ is available on all major streaming platforms now.








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