DIY Punk Rockers YOUNG FATIGUE Ask 'Am I Pretty Now?'

Published on 9 May 2021 at 09:05

Words: Adam Wright




Since its inception in the late ‘70s, punk music has had a profound impact on the alternative music scene; over several decades, the genre has become the dominant source of inspiration for many artists. Many of the new and up-and-coming bands we feature at Our Sound Music, for example, often speak of the affect the genre has had on them. 


Young Fatigue are one of these bands. Based in London, (the city that many view as the home of British Punk) they bring the kind of distorted and aggressive musical styles most associated with the DIY nature of punk rock. 


Late last month, the band dropped their first single of 2021. The track, titled ‘Am I Pretty Now?’, tackles the issue of body positivity and mocks the world for having unobtainable ideas of beauty. The song is told from the perspective of the band’s frontman, Ash, who himself experienced low self esteem in his teenage years.



Speaking about the new track, Ash said:Genuinely believing that no one will love you or will find you attractive is an intense thing to go through as a teenager, and while my journey of accepting myself is still ongoing, I feel releasing 'Am I Pretty Now?' is a therapeutic step in the right direction.


Musically, the track showcases a similar stylistic approach to American pop-punk bands like Green Day and Blink 182; its choppy bass line, heavy, driven percussion and attitude drenched vocal performance showcase elements from both pop-punk and grungy sounds, giving the track a distinct sound. 


According to the band, ‘Am I Pretty Now?’ is the first of a number of releases scheduled for release this year, so be sure to watch this space. 


'Am I Pretty Now?' is out now on all major streaming platforms and can be listened to below.








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