'Waiting' The New Single From LUKA Is Out Today

Published on 14 May 2021 at 16:28

Don't let the macabre cover art for 'Waiting' the new single from London and Leeds based solo artist LUKA fool you - it is a classic unrequited love song with a beautifully tender vocal.


LUKA: "'Waiting' is a classic unrequited love song. You like
someone who doesn’t feel the same way and end up waiting for things to change, hoping that if you wait long enough, they might change their mind (they usually don’t). In the end you realise you’ve wasted too much of your life pining after this one person and it’s probably time to get over it and move on. I wrote this when I was in the middle of that sad “why don’t they like me back” stage. Happy to say that I have since moved past being sad about that to just being stressed about the general world. A definite improvement."



Wonderfully produced by Bob Brazil, 'Waiting' is a deep song; a track that commands close attention to the lyrics. The song is quirky and original without alienating the listener.


'Waiting' is otherworldly and similar to previous release 'Past The  Point Of No Return' in the sense it conjurs up a certain dark romanticism. LUKA's sound is unique and authentic which is all we can ask for.


'Waiitng' is out now on all major streaming platforms and can be listened to below.





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