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Published on 15 May 2021 at 07:19



The Berlin-based UK songwriter Josh Savage is back with a new single and it will hope to follow in the footsteps of his previously released indie anthem- ‘Young Fools’- which doesn’t fail in delivering that racy, heart-throbbing vibe that festivals across the country will be trying to replicate this coming summer.


If you are unfamiliar with the name, you best be prepared to change that, because Josh Savage is quickly plotting himself on the music map. Having already played over 700 shows across four continents- he’s racked up over 6million Spotify streams, achieved national and international radio play, and had the privilege to support big acts such as the likes of Reverend and The Makers and Catfish And The Bottlemen.


Being a natural songwriter, Josh was in his element when he flung his headphones onto his head and rocked up to a studio in Berlin with one mission in mind, to emerge with a creation that would impress even the most prolific visionaries in Europe’s creative capital.


Awash with warm multi-layered production, Sophomore album ‘Another Life’ was borne out of Berlin following his trips to the studio. ‘Young Fools’ is the first taste that listeners get of the strikingly upbeat body of work- which is available in February 2022. 


Vibrant, energetic, and full of life- ‘Young Fools’ is an idyllic listen that transports you to a life a world away from the torture of 2020, instead making you feel excited for the future, as life starts to return to its peak. 


Talking about the release, Savage wanted to make it clear just how passionate he is with his art, expressing the belief that hard work always amounts to greatness.


He said:I was so dedicated to my art that I was single for nine years, it’s hard to build sparks into a meaningful flame when you are in another city the next day. I had seen the world playing hundreds of shows and made unforgettable memories, but I had nobody to share them with.”



The meaning behind the song relates to this feeling, an experience that would later inspire ‘Young Fools’ to rise from the dust.


I would look at couples my age and see fools wasting their youth away, naive in their mushy love bubble that I just couldn’t understand. But I started to wonder – am I the fool? And then I met someone – in Paris of all places. We handwrote letters to each other, sent them across the ocean and met all over the world. I finally understood ‘love’ and hard as I tried, could not find a replacement, no other word did its justice, so I caved in and broke my own rules.”


As someone who grew up in a multitude of different backgrounds, from the streets of Paris to the Bohemian childhood he lived attending Vivienne Westwood fashion shows in Winchester, the array of inspirations shines through in his music. 


We are not sure about you, but we cannot wait to delve deeper into the releases that Josh Savage has in his artillery.


'Young Fools' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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