Berkshire’s THIRD LUNG breathe new life with 'Hold The Line'

Published on 15 May 2021 at 18:20

Words by Tom Farmer




It would be a fair assumption that the last year, consumed by pandemics and social change, have left us as society with perhaps as more questions than answers. Four-piece Third Lung attempt to seek some more answers, all to a backdrop of an evocative melange of impassioned guitar and drums. 


Hailing from Reading, following in the footsteps of indie heavyweights The Amazons, the band have combined the ecletic sounds of their respective childhood homes to create a powerful sound. From jazz records to Motown to classic indie influences like Led Zepplin and the Beatles, even with a cameo from some experimental cello, the outfit have drawn on their childhood musical memories to cultivate an exciting, well-established sound. After a string of successful 2020 singles, gaining radio plays on the likes of Amazing Radio, the band’s second offering of 2021 shows a slightly new and more lyrically reflective side of the four-piece. 


Whilst being embedded in a distracting and captivating cocophany of melodies, the importance and power of “Hold The Line” (pre-save here) lies in the lyricisms. Channeling the same collectivist morals as Billy Bragg and recent bands like Parquet Courts, the track focuses on the beauty and necessity of helping one another. Whilst the last year has limited our ability to interact with others, the Berkshire outfit are keen to remind us to “offer an outstretched hand” to those who need it. Yet, the song isn’t that simplistic, or perhaps less simplistic than I am making it out to be. As mentioned, the single is about answering questions that have bugged music lovers for generations, so expect scope for manoeuvre and evaluation.



It is arguably fitting that a track with a message suitable for a rallying cry has a stirring and emotive background. With powerful guitars and a steadily impassioned drum beat, the melody and meaning of the record fuse together to produce a track guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. With evocative lyricisms supported by vivacious musicianship, Third Lung’s “Hold The Line is a sure-fire anthem. 


'Hold The Line' is released on Friday the 21st of May and is available to pre-save here.






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