JACK RASMUSSEN Has Released His New Single 'City Road'

Published on 23 May 2021 at 14:52

Words: Adam Wright




Indie solo folk singer, Jack Rasmussen, dropped his latest release on Friday; his second release of 2021. 


The new track, titled ‘City Road’, builds on the soulful indie sound present on its predecessor, ‘Broken Youth’, which featured an acoustic core and soulful vocal. 


As well as sharing a similar sound, Jack hopes the new track will also enjoy similar success to its predecessor, which received support from the likes of BBC Introducing and has - at the time of writing - got over 21,000 streams on Spotify. 



The new track comes from a place close to the singer’s heart, and got its lyrics from Jack’s own decision to relocate to Melbourne; the place where he first developed an interest in music. The lyrics describe the emotions felt by Jack when coming to terms with his decision. 


The future looks bright for the singer, too. He’s already an established live performer and has previously supported the likes of Shaun Ryder and The Bluetones; and it's with releases like ‘City Road’ that he hopes to continue the success of his solo endeavours. 


'City Road' is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.






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