Single Reviews 22/05/21

Published on 22 May 2021 at 01:08

Taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name, Wigan’s Flechettes have released their new single ‘Ink And Gold’. We haven’t stopped listening to this since receiving a sneak peak several days ago - a delicious slice of indie rock indeed. ‘Ink And Gold’ is a very worthy Single Of The Week.


Welcome to this week’s Single Reviews where we go through a selection of new releases and say (mostly) nice things about them. This week we start off with some punk rock from The Riot Vans, an aggressive band who first caught our eye with their cracking previous single ‘Scotrail’s Stealing All My Money’. The new single ‘Scary Faces’ is infectious as hell with riffs more accessible than the usual punk rock fayre. Bouncy and riotous, ‘Scary Faces’ is best played loud, very loud indeed. Another cracker from the Glaswegian four-piece…’Let’s Make New Mistakes’ comes from Carlisle band Hardwicke Circus who have released a string of decent singles over the last several months. There is an album on the way from the band and no doubt this new single will feature. We’ve got synths on this one, and an unmistakable 1980’s beat which goes to demonstrate the band’s songwriting diversity. Singer Jonny Foster has a great rock voice and shows here that he can turn to a more pop sound when needed. This is our favourite of their recent releases...Abrasive Dublin band Scattered Ashes have put out their three track ‘Parallel Lines’ EP which opens with the perfectly fine title track. To define the sound of the band as post punk would be too simplistic - vocalist Rob has an almost theatrical voice akin to Morrisey or Ian Curtis.  Second track ‘Love Is Not An Option’ has been championed by BBC 6 Music and for good reason, a wall of sound with energetic and crashing guitars that provide a fine canvas for the dark vocals. The EP rounds off with a remix of the previous track which is difficult to listen to, but as someone once sang, two out of three ain’t bad. Scattered Ashes are a band to make note of..Taxi With Strangers have done something different, releasing ‘Pictures Pt.1’ and ‘Pt.2’ as a double A-side single of sorts. This marks a different side to the band, ‘Pt.1’ is a tender piano lead track and the slow tempo really allows the song to breathe in the right places. The whole feel is very epic, a notion that doesn’t let up during ‘Pt. 2’ either. Both tracks are incredible pieces of songwriting and go to reflect that Taxi With Strangers are not just another indie rock band...Bryony Williams has re-released ‘Growing/Fading’ a collection of songs that has a new music video for the opening track, ‘Little Tree’. Williams’s vocal is assured on the opener, and the dynamics of the song coming down for the chorus is a joy to the ears. The second track here is ‘Tell Me’ which is more of a curiosity, a one minute interlude if you will that segues perfectly into the final track ‘Silhouette’, which has an almost haunting atmosphere…’Something Otherworldly’ is the recent release from Glaswegian singer-songwriter Jordan Phillips. It is a personal sounding acoustic folk track that shows a songwriting maturity from the new artist and is a beautiful and graceful listen...Mark Remmington has an album slated for release on June the 9th, and his latest single release, taken from the album, is ‘Black Keys Honey’. An endearing pair of piano notes and an honest vocal immediately draw the listener in, as the song builds in a traditional pop formula. There is certainly an aura of Rod Stewart around this (a high compliment), albeit presented in a contemporary fashion. ‘Black Keys Honey’ is a classic pop-rock song accompanied with an astounding music video...The Great Leslie brings us ‘See You Again’, their new single that has been BBC Introducing Suffolk’s track of the week. ‘See You Again’ is an upbeat indie tune and the band’s first release of 2021. Singer Ollie Trevers clearly has a great vocal range which is a joy to listen to, on this coming out of lockdown inspired anthem...The two legends David Crosby and Michael McDonald have combined their artistry on new single ‘River Rise’, which is taken from Crosby’s forthcoming new album ‘For Free’, which is released in July, a month after his eightieth birthday.  Crosby’s unmistakable voice hits immediately, the track an uplifting classic Californian sounding affair with soaring harmonies. The abrupt ending leaves us wanting more, and the upcoming album should fill that void...and finally this week we have Southampton’s hardest rocking band Regent, who impress yet again, this time with new single ‘She Rocks My Soul’. With big riffs which are fast becoming the quartets signature, the huge sound on this is both grungy and exhilarating.


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