Talented Duo THE OLD YOUTHS Have Today Released Their New Single 'Yesterday Never Knows'

Published on 28 May 2021 at 10:14

Joshua Weaver and Lucas Persin form The Old Youths, a melodic indie rock duo from Swindon who today have released their new single 'Yesterday Never Knows' which follows their debut release 'Midnight Takeaways' which was released earlier this year.


The pair are childhood friends and have been making music together for over five years, culminating in their tuneful and vibrant sound. Recorded in their home studio, 'Yesterday Never Knows' has an acoustic undercurrent which underpins a full sound. The lead guitar tone is wonderful and brings the track to life; the lyric ponder what the future may hold.



Lucas: "This track feels more personal to us, it all came around fairly quickly, which is sometimes quite rare. Even though it came together fairly rapid, we spent a vast amount of time on the little details".


Focussing on the smaller details has certainly paid off, the arrangement is intricate and the song is well mixed (by Rodrigo Francalacci) - and the artwork for the release simply stunning. 


'Yesterday Never Knows' is a highly recommended release from a duo we we have no doubt have a very bright future.


'Yesterday Never Knows' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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