'October', The New Single From ELLIE LAVE Is Out Now

Published on 27 May 2021 at 17:24

Last week Ellie Lave released her second single. 'October', following up her debut release 'Self Love'. Written at the tail end of 2020, 'October' is a bittersweet tale of a short term relationship.


The guitar sound, from collaborator Theofano is crisp and bright; a perfect accompaniment to Lave's vocal. 'October' is a soft and breezy track; despite the lyrical content the song is upbeat.


Last week, Ellie Lave headlined a sold out show at The Moustache Bar in London, proving that she is a sought after live performer as well as talented songwriter. 



Ellie Lave is a creative - her previous release 'Self Love' was accompanied by a great music video (see below) and Lave also hosts the 'Takeaway With My Father' podcast with her dad.


'October' is out now and is available on all major streaming platforms.







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