LUNARCODE 'Heartbreak'

Published on 27 May 2021 at 10:34

LUNARCODE formed just last year and at the end of last month they released their debut single. 'Heartbreak' - a melodic rock song that really pulls the listener in.


Lunarcode have an original sound without straying from traditional rock - vocalist and band songwriter Vincenzo Carubia has a certain charisma and perhaps more importantly, a strong rock voice. Ronny Minuche on guitar and Jason Booth on drums complete the trio. who bring an impressively full sound to 'Heartbreak'.



LUNARCODE are clearly hardworking and passionate - the music video to 'Heartbreak' (which you can view below) is something special, and as such has already helped the band pick up several awards, notably 'Band Of The Month' from Music Video Underground.


Their sound is a contemporary take on classic rock with a hint of pop, and this debut release, 'Heartbreak' is simply a stunning addition to the genre.


Heartbreak is out now on all major streaming platforms and can be listened to below.






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