SLIPPED OFF SILK Has Today Released His 'An Inconvenient Day' EP

Published on 11 June 2021 at 12:57



Known for utilising multi layered vocals, creating a wide-sounding effect, and an atmospheric instrumental tone to achieve an alternative rock-ambient pop sound, Slipped off Silk has today released a debut EP worthy of its plaudits.


Hailing from Northville, Michigan, Slipping off Silk is the solo project of singer/songwriter Jonathan Martin. “An Inconvenient Day” marks an important turn for his musical endeavours, favouring sensible pop tendencies and deeply honest lyrical content. The EP plays the role of an introspective conversation about our hopes, fears, loves, and insecurities. 


The three products on the melancholic release were both written and recorded in the humble setting of a bedroom studio. Having dabbled in GarageBand for several sleepless years before Martin made his music be known, he quickly became a fluent musician, so a release was brought to the forefront of his creativity in 2020.



With his influences stemming from Oasis to the late Lil Peep, it is hard to pinpoint a sound like it, but the UK’s ‘YACK! Magazine’ bestowed its appreciation on his second single Turquoise & Yellow’, showing their praise towards the deep, slow groove of the American artist. 


As for the songs on this EP, they differ greatly from song to song and rhythm to rhythm.  While ‘Melancholy Me’ disguises itself under bouncy, Piano-led instrumentals that soften the ears, ‘Past the Summer’ looks to set the scene of a situation we have all found ourselves in, overcoming old feelings with the excitement of something new. It is a wildly different sound to the opening song, bonding together fresh alternative rock and EDM influences. 


The final song on the EP, ‘Inconvenient Day’, is a sombre and brooding piano ballad, posing the question: who in our lives can we truly count on in a time of need? It was written while in the midst of a feeling of severe loneliness, and with a desperate longing for the acceptance and love we all seek. It is the perfect ending to a psychological rollercoaster.


'An Inconvenient Day' is out now on all major streaming platforms .







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