Stephen EvEns returns with charismatic and fun-filled single “I hate shop (I am shop)”

Published on 11 June 2021 at 15:57

Words by Tom Farmer- @tomfarmer5000 @TomFarmerJourno 


It would be safe to say that we are in a time where post-punk (or whatever you want to call it) currently reigns supreme in the indie world. With Fontaines DC playing Glastonbury and the likes of Sports Team and Courting filling the pages of music mags, there is something about the genre that resonates with post-modern, post-Brexit Britain. Stephen EvEns, in many ways, is the epitome of why we love post-punk. Oozing charisma,  EvEns’ latest single “I hate shop (I am shop)” is modern post-punk at its most charming. 


Whilst being somewhat of an elder statesman of post-punk, compared to the fresh-faced graduates who have dominated the scene in recent years, Stephen EvEns is as exciting and as contemporary as act. Having been lucky enough to tour the world with other musicians as a member of bands, EvEns decided last year that it was his time to take centre stage. His 2020 solo album “Employee of the month” was a light-hearted and extremely listenable record, exuding sentiment of the likes of Ian Dury. 


The music video, directed by Ash Jones, is a triumph


EvEns is back with his first release of 2021, with the single “I hate shop (I am shop)”, taken from his 2020 album. As with most post-punk tracks, under the vivacious musicianship and fun vocals, it is essentially an anti-capitalist song. Throughout the 3 minute track, EvEns amusingly berates the 9-5 lifestyle, whilst also maintaining a sense of genuine mournfulness and despair. At one point, `EvEns proclaims “it must get better than this”, proving that amongst the vivacity and humour, the song has a serious and stirring undertone to it. Stephen EvEns has also released a video to accompany the track which, as you would expect, is just as eccentric as the track itself. A genuinely entertaining and well-made piece of video to accompany the well-crafted track. 







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