'Rainbow Eyes' The Shining New Single From MACY Is Out Now

Published on 16 June 2021 at 17:20



Since the creative and enthusiastic age of 11, MACY has quietly honed her Dream Pop/ Contemporary R&B music, developing her writing skills along the way. And this week she is back with another release, bursting back into the frame with ‘Rainbow Eyes’, her second single from her forthcoming EP.


Flying the Welsh colours, MACY has always loved music, and so it came as no surprise when she took the leap into the music scene we all love. Bringing the sunshine with every musical sprinkling she has to offer; the singer has proven herself as a one to watch this summer – or listen.


Having only released her debut single in 2020 - through the experienced help of the Grammy-nominated Artist/Writer/Producer, Daniel Evans – MACY is on a trailblazing path to success. At just 20 years old, she’s already achieved a lot, including becoming one of the 10 acts to be selected on the Forte 10 project.


Whilst on the project, she played successful slots at Focus Wales, Swn Festival and Hub Festival, in what was her debut festival year in 2020. MACY was also awarded funding from the BBC Launchpad/ Horizons team in March of the same year. Then, in 2021, she has continued to broaden her musical horizons, being awarded further funding from the #DoItDifferentlyFund at HELP Musicians.



But of all her successes, she wants to be remembered for her stage presence – And hopefully she can do that soon. A live performance from MACY is the perfect opportunity for her to show her versatility, and they allow the audience to feel the range of emotions and energies she has to offer with the change of tempo throughout and the topics raised through her lyricism.


She explains: "I want them to really enjoy themselves. I want them to have a bop to my upbeat numbers, enjoy a ballad, enjoy an acoustic number or two and most of all I want to energise the stage and everyone who has taken time out to come and see me"


Rainbow Eyes’ feels very much like a whistleblow to the summer months. The positive vibes it brings transports you to a world not too far away any longer – A world of sunshine and fun. If you are ever feeling down, then check this one out – Well, you probably should give it a listen nonetheless!


The music video for 'Rainbow Eyes' premieres this Friday 12/06 at 22.15 GMT here.









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