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After being so used to being the guy that turns up, plugs in a guitar and gives you what you want, Mark Remmington has steepened his learning curve – encompassing his talents with writing, recording and producing his own album – ’12 Weeks.’


Whether you are after progressive rock or straight up anthems (or maybe anything in between), you have come to the right place, with Mark Remmington being ever eager to flush his songs in a whirlpool of emotions and soundscapes. 


As the former journeyman guitarist explains, the songs in ’12 Weeks’ - his first solo album - are all snippets of his life and snapshots of friends, family and others whose stories have inspired him to put them into songs. He was keen to express that each song is for the people he mentioned rather than for himself, and he is now excited to release them to you – the world.


Naturally, the songs in this debut album fit together almost like a jigsaw, and upon every listen, you will feel deeply connected to the stories that the emphatic singer/songwriter tells. An immersive feeling embroils you into what is an excellent listen.


From the psychedelic weeps of a guitar in the opening track ‘Going out of Our Minds’ to the mellow atmosphere of ‘Dream Big’ and the harmonious vocals of ‘The Time Machine’, there quite simply is something for everybody. 


Home is a popular place for releases as of late, with most artists being condemned to their bedrooms and kitchens in the global pandemic clouded era. So, it comes as no surprise that Remmington chose his microphone, his Mac, and his impressive attention to detail as the perfect trinity to conjure his first album. 


It is so often the case that creative ingeniousness is brewed at home, and that statement lives as a body of music in the form of ’12 Weeks’. The ceiling is high for Mark Remmington – who has produced a praise-worthy album at the first time of trying. His experience is on display, and his desire to tell stories that will prevail eternal is key to his successes. ****


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