Single Reviews 22/06/21

Published on 22 June 2021 at 18:18

We've been listening to 'The Devil'. the new single from DARLINGs all week - the West Yorkshire duo have released their first single since before the pandemic and what a way to re-introduce themselves. The band themselves say about the track: "The sound mixes euphoric synths, raw, impassioned vocals, guitars ranging from atmospheric to glitchy fuzz and pounding 808 beats.". And we couldn't agree more. 'The Devil' is our Single Of The Week.


This week's reviews have been delayed due to me being away from Friday until Monday and I even contemplated skipping this week but I feel internally proud that I haven't missed a week since the website launched fifty-four weeks ago.


Stranger Girl have released their 'Black Hole Radio' EP, which is six tracks full of alternative indie greatness with 'Powerhouse' being the standout lead single from the release. With shades of Blondie and The Strokes, 'Powerhouse' is a real foot-stomper and lyrically captivating...'Too Soon Too Long' is a buzzy guitar anthem from SUB*T, who are Jade and Grace from across the pond. A welcome follow up to their debut release 'Boxing Day', the guitar on this is big in a lo-fi The Dandy Warhols kind of way and the energy never lets up. A fine release...Andrew Cushin, who has to be one of the UK's busiest live performers with twenty-five live dates currently scheduled between now and the end of the year, has released 'Memories', his first single of 2021. What is immediate here is that Cushin is next level both in production, his sound and his vocal. A poignant song, Cushin himself says: “‘Memories’ is a record written in the midst of the lockdown during which time male mental health was worsening,” he says. “The lyrics, ‘What is a man and what can he do?’, symbolises that unfortunately some men in this world remain unsure of their place as a husband, provider, father or peer - they’re roles that they’re never taught about. At a time when male suicides are on the rise, the memories we hold seem more important than anything.” 'Memories' is a near-perfect, intelligently crafted release that is a welcome addition to the twenty year old's discography...Alt-Indie rockers Daydream Runaways created a buzz with their 'Dreamlands' EP which we absolutely loved, so it is great to see the band return with more strong material, this time being their new single 'Curtains'. Channeling influences from what appears to be a few 2000's indie bands, 'Curtains' is anthemic and glorious. The chorus soars and adds a zest to a song that further helps cement Daydream Runaways as one of the bands to watch this year...'Futurist' is the new single from electronic indie-pop outfit Brite Spires, a trio who have pulled off a dystopian glam-electro track that is just on the right side of being different. Different is good. This is good...and finally we have Jack Cattel and his new single 'LFTW'. Backed by a band, Cattell to some extent is one of the countries best kept musical secrets. 'LFTW' (Living For The Weekend) is a coming of age tale, a song with a cracking melodic lead guitar and a chord progression that is reminiscent of classic pop songs from the 1950's. A fabulous end to the week's single reviews.


All of the above songs can be streamed on our Spotify Playlist here.


The new episode of our weekly podcast was released today and this week we have an interview with Emily 7 plus an early play of the upcoming new single from Narrow Margin. Click here to listen.








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