MATTI CHARLTON channels the 80s synth-pop scene in latest single “Dark Addiction”

Published on 23 June 2021 at 21:05

Words by Tom Farmer- @tomfarmer5000 @TomFarmerJourno 


The cyclical nature of music is something that is well-documented. It is often the case that some types of music are popular for five years or so, fall out of favour for another 20 years, then eventually become popular again. Matti Charlton’s new release “Dark Addiction” is testament to this, with a house track with shades of the 80s synth-pop scene, an genre which is having its due resurgence


But, although their influences may be retro, Matti Charlton is relishing their role as a contemporary voice for social change. As a non-binary and queer artist, the songwriter and producer candidly discusses LGBTQ+ issues- both in a personal sense but also focusing on how society as a whole can evolve. Similarly, Charlton is a proudly autistic artist, again adamant on using their talent to act as an advocate and educator. With an ammunition of things to say well-stocked and indeed well-documented, with an astonishing six albums and 38 shorter releases uploaded onto Spotify in the last two years. 


One of Charlton’s latest success is “Dark Addiction”, a brooding and honest track reflecting on society through the eyes of a young non-binary musician. Although borderline nihilistic and highly critical at some points, the single is also surprisingly uplifting at some points. Charlton’s honest and (dare I say it) vulnerable vocals give the track a certain charm and relatability which hammers home their message. It’s quite astonishing that, given the volume of their output, Charlton makes every track sound as raw and heartfelt as the last. As discussed earlier, the track is definitely on the dancier side, oozing 80s vibes resonant of former queer icons such as the Pet Shop Boys and the Communards. 


With lots to say and evidently a work rate like few other artists, Matti Charlton is making sizable waves across the Atlantic. With an addiction to looking back and analysing things that many are scared to, Charlton is certainly one to watch.  


'Dark Addiction' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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