'Insecure', The New Single From JACK TIERNAN Is Out Now

Published on 23 June 2021 at 22:23

Photo: Abbie Hegarty

By Alyce Ruby




Eighteen-year-old Jack Tiernan, from the small town of Bealnamulla, Athlone – has had quite the journey over the past year. From releasing three singles: ‘It’s Ok’, ‘Broke by Love’ and ‘Meant to Cross’, to racking up hundreds of thousands of streams on TikTok, along with 30,000 followers. It’s hard to believe it almost didn’t happen for him. 


I would have always been sports, sports, sports. I was always ‘one of the lads’; but I knew really, I wasn’t being myself.” Said Tiernan. 

Insecure’, released on the 18th, is the latest single from the Irish singer-songwriter and he is incredibly expressive and honest for such a young artist. The lyrics explore the heart-break of seeing a past love with someone new and the restrained music carries it perfectly – letting Tiernan’s vocals take charge, amplifying the message of the track. His vocals are powerful yet melodic. Simple electric guitar riffs and the soft beat are a light contrast to the emotion of the song, but compliment, stopping it from sounding too heavy.


Photo: Abbie Hegarty


Jack has received acclaim in a short time, ‘Meant to Cross’ reached No. 1 on the iTunes Irish Singer/Songwriter chart upon its release. His first single ‘It’s Ok’ was created to raise funds for mental health for Pieta House. Athlone Advertiser, Westmeath Independent and Athlone Community Radio have extensively supported the young musician, the Athlone Advertiser applauding him for “creating positive music with raw music singer/songwriting talent in abundance.


‘Insecure’ the fourth single from Jack Tiernan is out now, available on major streaming platforms. His debut EP is set to be released later this year and we’ll be waiting excitedly. ****








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