ETTIE Releases Her New Single 'I'm Sorry To My Exes'

Published on 25 June 2021 at 01:53

Up and coming alternative singer-songwriter Ettie has released 'I'm Sorry To My Exes', a direct, pop-punk track that will feature on her upcoming EP.


Releasing music over the previous two years, Ettie has really come into her own on this new single. 'I'm Sorry To My Exes' is a confident, punchy song that is a a celebration of the talented performers coming out as a queer artist and songwriter. 


This is an anthem for those that have come out later in life, and while the message within is robust, the song doesn't take itself too seriously with its lyrics, which are full of intelligent metaphors.



Released during Pride month, 'I'm Sorry To My Exes' is influenced by early noughties pop-punk - it is vibrant, bouncy and has a distinct element of fun not unlike Busted or Fall Out Boy.


As Ettie herself says, “It’s time to get super gay.”


'I'm Sorry To My Exes' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can stream the track below.






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