'Alone', The New Single From LOST CLUB Is Out Now

Published on 14 July 2021 at 13:12



Lost Club is the ambitious solo music project of Nicholas Garcia - who has released his new track ‘Alone.’


Alone’ was recorded at Rockbot Studios in Jacksonville Florida with the help of Josh Cobb, and it explores the emotions of someone not quite finished with a relationship but still believing they shouldn’t stay in it.


Renowned for its amusement parks, orange crops, and being USA’s sunshine state, Garcia hails from Florida, so it comes as no surprise that his music fits the waves of Miami beach and the glistening sun that cascades the whole state.


Although sounding much like an MGMT summer hit, or perhaps a road trip perfect Strokes song, the ambience that flushes through ‘Alone’ gives it a unique flavour. It gives off a vibe that relates to a feeling that can only be explained through a midnight drive. The flashing lights of passers-by, encompassed by the feeling of freedom, is what gives this song its biggest plaudits.




The latest release will form as part of his upcoming EP, in which he hopes will serve an important purpose to his listeners. The desire is to help people to relate to themselves without fearing as though what they are worried about is redundant. Garcia explains that we’ve all had feelings of loneliness and nostalgia, so hopes that the songs on his EP will bring listeners to those places in time. 


'Alone' is out now on all major digital platforms and you can listen to the track below via the embedded streaming link.






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