HILLARY CAPPS Has Released Her Rage-Fuelled New Single 'Nobody Told Me'

Published on 16 July 2021 at 15:44

Photo: Natalia Thomas photo/HMU, Anthony Farina editor



We all love an emotional tune. It just seems as though a song is made a million times better when there is a sense of realism and raw emotion synthesized to it, often leading us listeners to be drawn to the thought process of the songs more than the actual content itself. Hillary Capps has today released her first release of 2021. And let us be the first to tell you that her new single ‘Nobody Told Me’ is exceptionally rage-fuelled.


Nobody Told Me’ is a breakup song, but not quite one you would usually expect. Instead, it tells the story of Capps’ breakup with hormonal birth control pills, a strenuous nine years after they first got together. 


As the New York based singer/songwriter explains: “Following that decision to leave hormonal birth control behind, I faced a cascade of issues that forced me to take a deeper look at my health and my life. There’s a lot of information I wish my doctors had shared with me when it came to the pill and my overall health: That it wasn’t regulating my cycle, it was shutting it down. That it could cause nutrient deficiencies and that’s likely why I was often sick. That my liver and gut health could be disrupted. That ovulation (which I missed out on for almost a decade) supports brain health. That it can affect future fertility outcomes. That it can alter the type of person you are attracted to (!) That it can increase your likelihood for depression and even certain cancers. That my naturally cycling body can only get pregnant approximately 6 days of the cycle. And so. much. more.”


Photo: Natalia Thomas photo/HMU, Anthony Farina editor


Capps is determined to use her words of wisdom in this sensitive yet brilliant release to raise awareness over the problems that she has endured herself. The lyrics construct a monolith of understanding, helping listeners realise that their problems are not uncommon.


It’s for any woman who has experienced reproductive health related pain that has been ignored or normalized. On the other side of it all now, my hope for everyone - especially women and all menstruating people - is to experience the magic of body literacy and the power of taking healing into your own hands,” she continues. 


Capps will celebrate her meritorious release of her new single with a live performance on Saturday, July 17th at Rockwood Music Hall. I think we speak on behalf of everyone when we wish Hillary, a woman who is hellbent on raising important awareness, the best in her musical escapade.











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