IVY ASH Premieres The Music Video To Her Vibrant Single Release 'Rain Again'

Published on 16 July 2021 at 17:27

'Rain Again', the second single from Leicestershire-based artist Ivy Ash, was released at the beginning of the month. While we have had a couple of weeks worth of listening to the exhilarating track, the music video has been released today and allows her audience to enjoy the song further.


Her debut release 'Oops', was released earlier this year and this new track serves to cement Ivy Ash further into the world of pop. With a songwriting camp in Norway under her belt and funding from The Arts Council, Ash has put in the groundwork and the results are clear to see.


Having lived in London and France and the experiences those places delivered, Ivy Ash says:  “I think I must have been at least twenty-two before it felt like life wasn’t one big uphill struggle. Even so, I value every experience I’ve been through, good or bad, because it’s made me who I am today.


The music video for 'Rain Again' is full of energy and accompanies the song perfectly:



Directed and filmed by  Nick J. Townsend and Billy Ghurnan, the video was shot at Dovecote Studios in Tamworth. As you can see, it is colourful, vibrant and lighthearted.


Elaborating on the song itself Ivy Ash says: “It’s a bitter-sweet song, like crying and dancing at the same time, but with a glimmer of hope. Every cloud has a silver-lining. That pretty much summarises the way I communicate through music"







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