'Bulletproof Vest', The New Single From THE CANDLE THIEVES Is Out Today

Published on 23 July 2021 at 10:36



What do you want from your life? Sorry to come across so forward, but seriously, what do you want to achieve? Will you pick the mundane lifestyle of never stepping foot outside of your hometown, safely cradled by life’s hands of assurance and asylum, or will you seek adventure? Well, for pop duo The Candle Thieves, they chose to do things in a very unconventional way. 


From the sleepy suburbs of Cambridgeshire to sold out shows in China and features on Spanish TV, The Candle Thieves have lived a life worth living, and today they release their new song ‘Bulletproof Vest’. 


What it entails is a story about love at first sight, a fantasy we have all flirted with. The single is set to feel-good digital and nostalgic soundscape littered with hooks and melodies, leaving you breathless by the end.


The Candle Thieves started life in the sleepy Cambridgeshire suburbs in the spring of 2010. The band was born from the creative and frustrated minds of ex college buds Scott McEwan and a man who calls himself The Glock. Armed with school cupboard instruments, a trusty hatchback with their pop sensibility, the pair quickly gained a reputation and cult following from their unique and interactive live performances.


Art is very much at the forefront of the duo's aesthetic and the music video to 'Bulletproof Vest' is a prime example:



The Candle Thieves’ mini-pop masterpieces manage to stay on the positive side of melancholy with carefully crafted melodies that will keep you awake at night. Though not a household, or even an allotment space name in the UK, The Candle Thieves play sell out tours in China and most recently made a name for themselves in Barcelona following two of their songs landing on prime-time Spanish TV show ‘Merli Sampere Aude’.


'Bulletproof Vest' is out now on all major streaming platforms.








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