DAKOTA JONES Drop 'Lord Please', The First Single From Their Upcoming New Album

Published on 29 July 2021 at 09:38

Words: Adam Wright




The New York based band, Dakota Jones have dropped the first single from their forthcoming debut album.


Typically a soulful funk-blues band, their new track, titled ‘Lord Please’ takes a slightly new turn and adds to the recent insurgence of spoken-word acts breaking out onto the indie music scene. 


Unlike much of the spoken-word we’ve seen in recent months, the song is almost as stripped back as it’s possible to be; it features little more than the band’s almost tribal vocal, which puts lead-singer Tristan Carter-Jones right at the centrepiece. 


So present is the vocal arrangement that the track comes with a deeply compelling  sound and, further, the delivery of the lyric is personable enough to be at home at a slam poetry gig.


The song exhibits a more vulnerable side to the group and is, according to Carter-Jones, ultimately a prayer for guidance. Such themes are made clear in the delivery of the lyric, which at times oozes connotations of desperation; with the developed lyrics giving the track somewhat of a personality.  


Previously, the band have been praised for having a raw, simplistic approach to lyrics as well as having an inventive take on jazz-funk genre.


Speaking about the new track, Carter-Jones said: “Lord Please is a real prayer that I say to myself more than I'd care to admit…a prayer for the feeling of anxiety, for being overwhelmed, for not knowing whether to go left or right.


The new track comes ahead of the band’s debut album, ‘Black Light’, due for release in late August, which the band describe as: “…funk soul and everything that comes with it. There’s joy and dancing, sleek guitar licks and funky bass slaps.


Like you needed any more convincing. 


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