'Turbulence' The Noisy New Single From STRANGE UNIT Is Out Now

Published on 28 July 2021 at 16:01



It’s quite the opening statement to make when you’re known as the band that only the brave will go onstage after, but instead of talking themselves up without having anything to show for it, Strange Unit are continually producing music that will leave you gasping for air by the end of each verse and high-octane riff.


They recently released their highly anticipated single ‘Turbulence’, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Although it’ll make you yearn for more by the end of it, you may also suffer from a headache if you listen too loudly. After all, too many coffees have the same effect, but there’s a reason there’s so many people addicted to it.


The adrenaline chasing Australians create a devastating blend of futuristic rock & roll with a searing live performance. Taking cues from The Stooges, The Pixies, Nine Inch Nails and Death From Above - Strange Unit’s noisy, riffy pop with shark’s teeth is a fresh sound honed for maximum impact. Originally a solo project, the band was assembled for a video shoot in 2020, and they have since grown into a 6-legged assault on the senses.



‘Turbulence’ is a short-sharp-shock Dadaist exposition on the life lived through social media and the reality of not living life in the real world. “A taste of Turbulence” is defined most commonly as ‘the need for a physical smack in the face, during a time where battles are fought from the armchair.’ 


If you need a musical slap in the face, Strange Unit should be your first port of call, as they promise to leave you feeling like you're floating upon the conclusion of every song, perhaps with a lot of turbulence, mind you. 


'Turbulence' is out now on all major streaming services.









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