MAISYN Bares All With Latest Track, 'Pool Party'

Published on 27 July 2021 at 19:24

Photo: Caity Krone

By Rach Hankin


Pool Party is the latest single from Los Angeles-based indie artist, Maisyn (Jessi Mason). Following the successful release of her debut single, Cool Grl, earlier this year, this is the third single contributing to an upcoming EP, releasing in September 2021. Maisyn’s stunning songwriting is paired with expert production from Grammy-nominated Joey Messina-Doerning, who has worked with female trio HAIM. Maisyn truly wears her heart on her sleeve with this track.


When approaching Pool Party, you might be expecting to hear a song that brings to mind careless frolicking in Mallorca waters in a Love Island villa. While Maisyn’s music here is light, delicate and extremely easy on the ears, suited to listening at a poolside, this is a song that goes into far deeper waters.


It’s almost impossible to ignore the similarities between this track and those on Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, Sour. The Gen-Z star has been catapulted into super-stardom with her album that displays heart-wrenching vulnerability and topics of loneliness and being on the losing side of a breakup. Similarly, Maisyn seizes the listener’s attention by bearing her soul, delving into relatable issues such as self-image and body dysmorphia.


Thought it would make me happy to be skinny.”


Photo: Caity Krone


You quickly realise that this pool party is more similar to a scene in My Mad Fat Diary’, the British teenage drama series based on the books by writer Rae Earl. In this scene, the pool party seems to be an exclusive, ‘members only’ club, for the ‘beautiful people’ - or at least, the people comfortable in their own skins. This is more a song of regret, of being frozen under the gaze of others, when you enter the pool you expose yourself in so many ways and Maisyn hits this idea again and again.


Could I dive in.’


Whilst the lyrics are tinged with sadness we can only say that Maisyn should have nothing to be afraid of, her talent seeps through this track, with the drawn out word ‘Pool’ during the chorus somehow sounding uplifting amongst the regretful imagery.


If this track is anything to go by, then the upcoming EP is going to be one to watch out for.


'Pool Party' is out now on all major streaming platforms.









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