Indie-Pop, Ohio Native TARYN Today Released Her New Single ‘Brand New’

Published on 29 July 2021 at 19:54


By Alyce Ruby




Indie-pop, Ohio native TARYN today released her new single ‘Brand New’. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter worked with producer Joey Burcham on the track, blurring genre lines to create a unique sound unlike anyone else. 


Speaking on the new single, TARYN said: “There was a simple message I wanted to convey lyrically and the instrumental did the rest. I’ve carried my past around and let regrets fuel decisions without justification. ‘Brand New’ let me realize our past is not something we have to correct, but it helps us understand our growth. We’re here to learn, experience, and explore. It’s a gift to be vulnerable, to feel comfortable expressing experiences in sonically harmonious ways.”


Brand New’, whilst lyrically simple, is an instrumentally focused, feel good song. Opening with finger clicks - bass, guitars and a kicking drum beat kick in after the first round of lyrics. “Wash my mouth of all the little things, clean it out and begin again brand new, and begin again brand new” are the only lyrics, repeated throughout the course of the three-minute track. Despite this, TARYN’s vocals are soft but powerful and deliver the simple words in a variety of ways each time, with the aid of layered, angelic harmonies. 


Whilst simple, the core message of the single and its words are something everyone can relate to. Growth, letting go of the past and starting again ‘Brand New’. 


‘Brand New’ is available to stream now on all major platforms.


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