GEORGE ROWLANDS Releases Rapturous New Single 'The Girl Of Summer'

Published on 30 July 2021 at 06:27



If you sat Liam Gallagher in your back garden with the Cast, then gave them access to direct sunlight and an endless stream of beer, you would probably end up with a song that sounds very much like a piece by George Rowlands. Today, the Shrewsbury born singer/songwriter has released his latest single ‘The Girl Of Summer,’ and it’s a song that will leave you dumbfounded with joy and optimism. 


As soon as you unwrap the vibrantly summery song, you will notice that George wears his influences on his sleeve. Having been ‘The Liam’ in two of the biggest Oasis tribute bands in the world - Noasis and Oas-is - he has carried over his previous experiences into his solo career.


And on many accounts, George Rowlands has already conjured an impressive repertoire of musical success. In October of 2020, he released his debut EP called ‘Shine On’ to great reviews. On that release, his song ‘Safety Gown’ became the go-to song for many, becoming the creation that sparked George’s great working relationship with Ian Currie.



In more recent times, April of 2021 to be exact, George released ‘Lovesick Fool’ which is a dirty sleazy rock “n” roll number with a snarling vocal. He then followed this up with the release of ‘Golden’ which served as an uplifting ballad reminiscing on the glory days and it was a title that received very good feedback across the board. 


Accompanied by artwork that captures the aura of the song, ‘The Girl Of Summer’ is a staggering release for you to wind down to at the end of a day at the beach or in your British garden. Euphonious and rapturous - Rowland’s latest number achieves that cloud nine feeling. 


'The Girl Of Summer' is out now on all major streaming platforms.




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