COLOUR FORMATION Release New Feminist Pop Anthem “The Script”

Published on 31 July 2021 at 13:05


By Kyle Anderson


The Script” is the fifth single from the new alt-indie duo Colour Formation. The duo, made up of singer-songwriter Laura Osborne and composer/ producer Danny McFarlane, bring us an unapologetic and bold, feminist pop anthem sure to garner massive support with its message.


Penned by lead singer Laura, “ The Script” recalls exasperating experiences within the world of online dating and was written with a view to call out the often-unhealthy behaviours in dating that drive women to feel in competition with each other. Shining a humorous light on the often scripted and outdated dynamics the video is a Figs in Wigs inspired piece.


Colour Formation  only began making music together during the UK’s first lockdown in May 2020, having never met. Despite never meeting at the time of forming and the matter of living 300 miles apart, the duo have released four singles and have their debut album ready for launch in autumn 2021.


The lockdown duo's debut single “Starfish” was written for Danny’s daughter and featured field recordings of her in her natural habitat accompanied by a tape looped piano. Reflecting the uncertainty of being a new parent, the track follows an unusual structure but remains grounded throughout by the two repeating chords symbolising the parents.



The duo take influences from Bon Ever , Vampire Weekend, Bat for Lashes and The Books whilst Laura’s predominantly alto singing style draws influence from Amy Winehouse, Tracy Chapman and Florence Welch. Danny’s production techniques, often give the tracks an unusual sound , with a heavy reliance on self-sampling and taking recorded sections and morphing them into something new and exciting.


‘The Script’ is available to stream now on all major platforms.







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